Become a DIGITAL Buddy!

  • Of course, he or she will not be available for 24 hours a day. The experienced Buddies are students of Ulm University, who volunteered to support you in their free time. They do not receive any payments.
  • Please do not forget that your experienced Buddy - just like you - has to deal with a full schedule and big working loads during the semester.
  • How much both of you tell about your private lives is completely in your hands. For that matter, the intensity and frequency of your contact is not pre-defined. You and your buddy should therefore arrange together the terms of your meetings. For these reasons please pay attention to your own duties as a Buddy partner, e.g. reliability and mutual respect.

  •   information about your country (particularities, language and culture, etc.)
  •   learning from each other
  •   undertake joint activities
  •   exchange views and ideas
  •   Punctuality is important in Germany  If you can't keep a meeting, please cancel in time
  •   Treat each other with respect

Make arrangements:

Talk at the beginning about the frequency of your meetings.

Try to make fixed appointments right from the beginning, later perhaps also regular appointments, such as once a week or every two weeks, and keep them.

Discuss together in advance how you want to contact each other and what you expect from each other.

Take the chance to have an intercultural contact person.


  1. Registration: You can register here directly. Please keep in mind: The more detailed you fill out the form, the easier it will be for us to find your "desired Buddy". We will then divide up the teams of two as soon as a suitable person (same subject, same interests, same age...) is present.
  2. Registration confirmation: You will automatically receive a confirmation of your registration.
  3. Notification: After comparing the registrations, we will notify you and your new buddy and send you the necessary contact details or, if possible, the arrival and pick-up dates.
  4. information: You will be informed about your BUDDY mentor at the end of the semester or beginning of the new semester and will receive dates and events.
  5. Contact your buddy: Please contact each other immediately and make a first meeting.
  6. ONLINE Buddy events: We organize a online event programme for all Buddy teams!
  7. Feedback: We kindly ask all participants of the Buddy program to return the completed feedback report to us at the end of the semester. On the one hand, we are interested in general feedback, as we naturally endeavour to tailor our offer to your needs. On the other hand, we would also like to know if you would like to accompany your buddy for at least another semester, or if you would like to help a new international student as an experienced buddy in the coming semester.

    If there are any problems, your buddy does not contact you or never seems to have time, please contact us immediately. We can only help if we are informed.


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