Tandem refers to a type of language exchange in which two students meet to learn a foreign language. A language tandem consists of two participants who have different native languages. They work together as a pair in order to learn each other's native language. The two tandem partners can organize their meetings and time freely. Therefore, tandems are a perfect possibility to apply and improve your language skills in enjoyable atmosphere.

The tandem language partnerships are carried out once a month in cooperation with the Koordinierungsstelle Internationale Stadt Ulm, the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm and the University of Ulm in Eden, Kalrstrasse 71 in Ulm.

To find out when the next Tandem Meeting will take place please visit Facebook Page from Eden: https://www.facebook.com/events/275524906463963/

International Office closed

The International Office will remain closed to visitors until further notice.

Advising is available by either email or phone. Documents can be put in the letter box at the entrance to the building.


Claudia Rodopman

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