Orientation Period

The International Office organizes a month-long orientation programme prior to the start of each semester in March/April and September/October.

The programme starts out with a welcome service and administrative assistance. However, the main focus is on the Intensive German Language Course, which is complemented by a number of Culture Modules. The programme is rounded off by a variety of extra-curricular activities.

For tentative dates see: Dates & Deadlines

Preliminary Orientation Programme Summer Semester 2020 (Download)

Times, dates and sessions may still be subject to change.
Participants will receive a detailed brochure with the final program after arrival in Ulm.

For planning purposes, students are asked to indicate in their study abroad application, whether they are planning to participate in the orientation (tentative).

Accepted students will receive instructions on how to finalize their registration for the Orientation Programme.

The International Office offers this orientation programme free of charge to Erasmus+, SEMP, GUC and Exchange Students from our partner universities

We regret that Free Movers and Erasmus+ Trainees cannot participate, not even on a fee-paying basis.

How to get in touch

The International Office will remain closed to visitors until further notice.

Advising is available by email, telephone or videoconference. Please refer to our Team & Contact website.

Documents can be submitted electronically via email.


Margit Kast

Advising Hours:
By Appointment.

Arrival & First S.T.E.P.S.

New incoming students will be picked up at Ulm train station by our S.T.E.P.S. tutors, who have their room keys and an information package for them. Please note: arrival and check-in to the rooms is only possible an certain days; pick-up by S.T.E.P.S. tutors is only offered between 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m.

The S.T.E.P.S. tutors will escort the new students to their residences, show them around town and campus, and they will help them with the various administrative procedures during the first days in Ulm (public registration, residence permit, opening of bank account, immatriculation at university, etc.).

This service is available for ALL new incoming Erasmus+ / SEMP /Exchange students throughout the year (not just for those arriving in March or September for the orientation weeks). Students are strongly advised to take advantage of this service, even those who speak good German!

Please send us your arrival notification form at least 10 days before coming to Ulm, so we have enough time to find a tutor for you and put you two into contact!

Orientation Course: Intensive German Language & Culture

This Orientation Course consists of three types of events:

  • International Office Meetings
  • Intensive German Language Course
  • Culture Modules

Students can take this course only once, preferably before the start of their studies.

Students who are staying for the full academic year may take the course between their first and second semester.

It is not possible to take this course at the end of the study abroad period.

International Office Meetings

The International Office organizes several meetings during the first weeks of the orientation:

  • Welcome Reception (All Students)
  • Information Meeting: Housing & Banking (All Students)
  • Erasmus Meeting (All Erasmus & SEMP Students)
  • GUC Meeting (All GUC Exchange Students)

Intensive German Language Course

Intensive German Language Courses are offered twice a year in September/October and March/April. All students who want to participate need to do an online placement test and submit the results to the International Office. The course levels normally range from Absolute Beginners to Intermediate German, depending on the number applicants and their level of German in the online placement test.

The teachers will taylor the course programme to the participants' levels and needs. Consequently, the courses do not start or end at any given level or lesson, nor can we give a course outline or syllabus.

Students have to buy their own text books (approx. € 35). On the first day of classes, students will be informed about their course assignment and the textbooks used. They will also have the opportunity to buy the textbooks in class on that day.


If you already have any of these books, please bring them along to Ulm. However, you should not buy any of these books until you know which group you will be assigned to!

Menschen A1 Kursbuch mit DVD-ROM (ISBN 978-3-19-101901-3)
Menschen A1 Arbeitsbuch mit 2 Audio-CDs (ISBN 978-3-19-101901-3)

Menschen A2 Kursbuch mit DVD-ROM (ISBN 978-3-19-101902-0)
Menschen A2 Arbeitsbuch mit 2 Audio-CDs (ISBN 978-3-19-111902-7)

Sicher! B1+ Kursbuch (ISBN 978-3-19-001206-0)
Sicher! B1+ Arbeitsbuch mit Audio CD (ISBN 978-3-19-011206-7)

Sicher! B2 Kursbuch (ISBN 978-3-19-001207-7)
Sicher! B2 Arbeitsbuch mit CD-ROM (ISBN 978-3-19-011207-4)

Culture Modules

Three types of culture modules round off the orientation programme:

  • Intercultural Training Sessions
  • City Tour
  • Library Tour

Grades & Credits

Our orientation course Intensive German Language & Culture is worth 3 ECTS and consists of three types of events:

  • International Office Meetings
  • Intensive German Language Course
  • Culture Modules

Students must attend at least 80% of all sessions, in order to receive a certificate. The grade will be based on the performance in the Intensive German Language Course. 

Sign Up

Students should indicate on their study-abroad application form if they plan to participate in our orientation course Intensive German Language & Culture

Students who are accepted for a study abroad period at Ulm University will need to confirm their registration for this orientation programme. In particular, they will have to do an online placement test and submit within a given deadline.  Instructions will be included in the acceptance letter.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Towards the end of each orientation period, the International Office organizes a weekend-trip (∼ 3 days) to a major German city or region or special event. 

Students must sign up for this excursion at the International Office in advance and pay the required fee (∼ € 90).

ERASMUS Ulm & friends (EUF)

The EUF is a volunteer student group which organizes extra-curricular activities, not only for Erasmus+ students - all exchange students, in fact all international and German students of Ulm University are welcome.

At the beginning of the orientation weeks, they offer a city rallye and a welcome party. In the following weeks, there are usually some day trips or weekend excursions; in fall they usually go the the Oktoberfest in Munich. Usually once a week, there is a so-called Stammtisch (regular's table), which is held in a different bar every week.