Assistance by S.T.E.P.S. Tutors

New incoming ERASMUS/EXCHANGE Students will be met at the train or bus station in Ulm or Neu-Ulm. The tutors will have an information package for each student and the keys to their room in the student residence.

The S.T.E.P.S. tutors will show the students

  • the facilities in their residence
  • bus stops, doctors and stores near their residence
  • the city of Ulm
  • the campus of Ulm University
  • the office of their ERASMUS coordinator or study advisor

During the first days after arrival, the S.T.E.P.S. tutors will assist students with

  • buying a bus ticket
  • opening a bank account
  • immatriculation at the university
  • registration at the “Einwohnermeldeamt” (Residence Registration Office) 
  • application for a residence permit at the "Auslaenderbehörde" (Foreigners Registration Office)


Rental Contract

In their information package, students receive three copies of the rental contract ("Mietvertrag"). They have to sign all three copies. Two copies must be submitted to to the International Office

In addition, they must complete and submit the "Einzugsermächtigung des Zahlungspflichtigen", the authorization for Studierendenwerk to automatically withdraw the rent for a room in a student residence at the beginning of every month.

Please note: withdrawals can only be made from German bank accounts!

Scholarship Holders

Students who have been awarded a Baden-Württemberg Scholarship must sign and return the scholarship contract.

Students who want to join the Association of Scholarship Holders and Alumni (Verein der Stipendiaten und Freunde des Baden-Württemberg Stipendiums) can submit their sign-up form (voluntary).

In addition, all scholarship holders (Baden-Württemberg Scholars and DAAD Scholars) have to fill out banking information form.

All forms (if applicable) are included in the information package.

ERASMUS Students

All ERASMUS students must send home a "Certificate of Attendance" after their arrival at the host university. Most universities provide a special form for this. Please bring this form with you and already fill in your name and university information.The following persons are authorized to sign this form:

  • Dr. Sabine Habermalz (Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator)
  • Ms. Julia Vogt-Hochheimer (Erasmus+ Assistant SMS)

If possible, please come to the advising hours (Tuesday afternoon / Thursday morning).

Health Insurance Questions

Please come to the helpdesk if you need assistance with any of the following matters:

Students who do not have sufficient insurance coverage from their home country and want to sign up for insurance in Germany (public or private)

Students who have private insurance in their home country and need to apply for exemption from statutory insurance in Germany

Students who have public/statutory insurance in a non-EU country with a social security agreement who need to register themselves at the German public health insurance


The International Office will schedule an appointment for every new ERASMUS/EXCHANGE student with

  • a study advisor (EXCHANGE students)
  • the responsible ERASMUS departmental coordinator (ERASMUS students)


  • the supervisor (for students who do a thesis, project or lab)

In this meeting students can discuss their choice of courses and receive suggestions for alternative courses. Students should bring their learning agreements to this meeting. In addition, it is recommended to bring along records of previous academic studies and/or course descriptions from the home university (in order to find a matching course here in Ulm).

Students will receive a memo in their information package with name of the person, time, date and place of the meeting.

ERASMUS Students: Learning Agreement Modifications

ERASMUS students must report any changes in their courses to their home university within two to five weeks after the beginning of the semester. (Please check which deadline your home university has set.)

Use  the "Section to be completed during the mobility: Changes to the original learning agreement" of the learning agreement form provided by your home university.

List all the courses you had planned to take but have decided not to take on the and mark them as "dropped". List all the new courses and mark them as "added". It is not necessary to list those courses which have already been approved on the original learning agreement and have remained unchanged. The learning agreement has to be signed by your departmental coordinator. 

According to program regulations in Erasmus+, the signature of the institutional coordinator is no longer required on the learning agreements. In case your home university still insists on this second signature, please come to the International Office during advising hours to obtain this signature. Please note that you must get the approval/signature by the departmental coordinator first!

Make sure to always send a copy of the learning agreement to the International Office after it has been signed by all three parties.

Erasmus+ Learning Agreement

The EU commission has provided a template and guidelines  for the new learning agreements to be used by participants in the Erasmus+ program.

But most likely, every university has adapted it in some way or another, even though these versions may look very similar. Please always use the form provided by your home university.