Our Partner Universities and Exchange Opportunities

Students who are enrolled at a university abroad for full-degree programme can apply to Ulm University to be admitted as temporary non-degree student for a period of up to two semesters. Although it is possible to do a final degree project during study abroad at Ulm University, temporary students cannot earn a degree from Ulm University.

Students who come from one of our partner universities enjoy a number of privileges:

Students from exchange partners are eligible to apply for a Baden-Württemberg SCHOLARSHIP.

Students who come from a university which does not have a valid agreement with Ulm University can apply as Free Movers. Please note: different conditions, forms and procedures apply.

Ulm University cooperates with about 200 universities in 50 countries in various exchange programmes. Check out if we have a valid exchange agreement with your home university and in your field of study.


Incoming Students Support Team

N.N. (Incoming Students Coordinator)
Dr. Sabine Habermalz (Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator)
Emily Haible (Student Advisor)
Jakub Vávra (Student Advisor)
Linh Nguyen (Student Advisor)

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