Our Partner Universities and Exchange Opportunities

Students who are enrolled at a university abroad for full-degree programme can apply to Ulm University to be admitted as temporary non-degree student for a period of up to two semesters. Although it is possible to do a final degree project during study abroad at Ulm University, temporary students cannot earn a degree from Ulm University.

Students who come from one of our partner universities enjoy a number of privileges:

Students from exchange partners are eligible to apply for a <link en io exchange exchange-partner-institutions baden-wuerttemberg-scholarship.html _self internal-link>Baden-Württemberg SCHOLARSHIP.

Students who come from a university which does not have a valid agreement with Ulm University can apply as Free Movers. Please note: different conditions, forms and procedures apply.

Ulm University cooperates with about 200 universities in 50 countries in various exchange programmes. Check out if we have a valid exchange agreement with your home university and in your field of study.


Incoming Students Support Team

Alexandra Hoppe (Incoming Students Coordinator)
Emily Haible (Student Advisor)
Linh Nguyen (Student Advisor)

Advising (online)
Wednesdays 16:00 - 17:00 CET