Block course and Rotations in the 5th Study Year

Medical studies are carried out not only in the classroom, but they are rounded off by various practical training phases. The working language is exclusively German. Students must prove minimum level B2 (at the time of application).

In your planning, you have to take into consideration that practical training phases will be carried out at the university hospital in Ulm or other teaching hospitals in Ulm (but not in any other teaching hospital in the region). Practical training is always full time (whole days) and cannot be combined with attendance of other courses.

Block courses usually run for 1 - 3 weeks and are carried out during the clinical study phase. It is possible to enroll for a full semester of block courses. It is not possible to combine courses and block courses within any given semester. However, it is possible to do a block course after the lecture period for the course semester has ended. Please note: you can choose each block only once during any given semester.

Clinical electives or final year rotations usually run between 2 - 4 months. They can be carried out outside our regular semester rhythm, but only during those time windows which we offer for individual periods.

Please note that depending on the chosen field of specialization, different restriction apply regarding the minimum or maximum duration or language requirement.

Block Courses

Module No.Discipline
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22108.001Internal Medicine

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

22229.001Emergency Medicine Part III162GEB2
22129.001Psychiatry and Psychotherapy805GEB2

Rotation in the last Study Year

Internal Medicine: Cardiology6 - 16GEB2
Internal Medicine: Endocrinology6 - 16GEB2
Internal Medicine: Gastroenterology6 - 16GEB2
Internal Medicine: Hema-Oncology6 - 16GEB2
Internal Medicine: Nephrology6 - 16GEB2
Internal Medicine: Pulmo-Pneumology6 - 16GEB2
Surgery: Vascular and Thorax Surgery6 - 16GEB2
Surgery: General, Visceral and Transplantation Surgery6 - 16GEB2
Surgery: Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery6 - 16GEB2
Gynaecology4 - 16GEB2
Paediatrics4 - 16GEB2
Ophthalmology4 - 16GEB2
Neurology4 - 16GEB2
Orthopaedics4 - 16GEB2
Radiology4 - 16GEB2
Urology4 - 16GEB2

Individual Periods

Contacts Medicine

  • For Students

    Anne Leins

    Academic Advisor
    Department of Human Medicine

    Dean of Studies' Office
    Ulm University
    Albert-Einstein-Allee 7
    89081 Ulm / Deutschland

    Room: 21
    Phone: ++49 (0) 731 500-33625

  • For Institutions

    Claudia Grab

    Erasmus+ Coordinator
    Department of Human Medicine

    Dean of Studies' Office
    Ulm University
    Albert-Einstein-Allee 7
    89081 Ulm / Deutschland

    Room: 20
    Phone: ++49 (0) 731 500-33620

Final Year Rotations

Rotations are organized by individual arrangement. There are no course- or module numbers.

We will award 5 ECTS for 4 weeks (other periods correspondingly).

Free Movers / Trainees

Due to capacity limitations, we are unable to accept free movers or students in the framework of the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme.