Semigroup methods for evolution equations on networks


I have written a book on Semigroup methods for evolution equations on networks that is going to be published by Springer-Verlag in the next months. A complete version is available here.

Mathematical Technology of Networks

Conference on Mathematical Technology of Networks (December 4-7, 2013, Bielefeld, Germany)

Discrete and Continuous Methods in the Theory of Networks

Together with Fatihcan Atay (MPI Leipzig) and Pavel Kurasov (Stockholm University) I am coordinating a cooperation group on Discrete and Continuous Models in the Theory of Networks at the ZiF in Bielefeld, Germany.

ZiF - Center for Interdisciplinary Research

I am member of the young ZiF, the junior academy at the ZiF, the institute for advanced studies of the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

Symmetry Methods in Quantum Graphs

My research group on "Symmetry methods in quantum graphs" has begun its activities on 1st September 2011.

Research interests

  • Quantum graphs
  • Elliptic forms and boundary triples
  • Operator semigroups
  • Heat and wave equations
  • Dynamic boundary conditions
  • Parabolic systems
  • Mathematical modelling

(my page on arXiv)


Summer term  2013:

  • Complex Analysis (B.Sc. Mathe/WiMa; in German)
  • Seminar on analytical theory of curves and surfaces (in German B.Sc. Mathe/Wima)

Past semesters


  • Universität Ulm
  • Institut für Analysis
  • 89069 Ulm
  • Germany


Office hours

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