Travel Information

Ulm can be reached easily via high-speed train services. Closest airports are Memmingen (=Munich West), Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt. Even though Frankfurt is the most distant airport among these four, it can still be an attractive option because there is a high-speed train connection from the airport to Ulm.

The academic part of the conference will take place on the campus of Ulm University, see map at the bottom of the papge. Other events will take place in the city center. Maps for these locations are shown in our  conference booklet.

Below we give detailed travel information on how to get to the conference venues:


Shuttle service to the university campus

Friday, Oct 6, 08:30:  Two buses from “ZOB Ost” to “Universität Süd”, i.e. from the main train station to the main conference venue. You find the stop "ZOB Ost" as follows: Upon exiting the main hall of Ulm station, keep to the right for about 200 meters, bypassing a construction site. The bus stop is behind a pedestrian bridge that crosses the railway tracks.

There will be additional shuttle buses at other times, as announced in the conference booklet.


Public Transport

Getting to the main conference venue and back

From Ulm main station (bus stop “Hauptbahnhof”) , take Bus number 3 in direction Wissenschaftsstadt or Science Park II, and get off at the stop “Universität Süd”.  Travel time is 19 minutes. For some conference participants, it may be more convenient to board the bus at the stop “Ehinger Tor”.

To go back to the city centre, take bus number 3 in direction Wiblingen, from bus stop “Universität Süd”. 



Getting to the venue of the get-together, the museum visit, and the conference dinner  

From Ulm main station, this is a 10-minute walk. The venues are very close to Ulm cathedral, which you can easily identify because of its high spire (#1 in the world).


The closest bus stop is “Rathaus”. There is no direct public bus from the university to “Rathaus”. However, you can first take the bus number 3 in direction Wiblingen from bus stop “Universität Süd”. Then get off at the stop “Ehinger Tor”, where you change to bus number 4 in direction Böfingen Süd. Get off at “Rathaus”.


Getting to the venue of the PhD seminar and committee meetings

From the main station, take tram number 1 in direction Böfingen. Get off at “Willy-Brandt-Platz” and change to bus number 4 in direction Böfingen (Süd). Get off at “Steinhövelstraße”. The venue (Villa Eberhardt) is a few steps away from the bus stop, uphill to the right.



Main conference venue

Parking is available in “Parkhaus Mitte“, a multi-storey car park in Albert-Einstein-Allee 16. The cost per hour is 1€, with a maximum of 5€ per day.


Get-together, the museum visit, and the conference dinner  

The closest car park is the underground car park “Rathaus”, below  Hans-und-Sophie-Scholl-Platz. In case the car park is fully occupied, choose another one in the city centre. The walking distance will be 10 minutes or less.


Venue of the PhD seminar and committee meetings

Parking is available at the Villa Eberhardt. To get there, turn from “Heidenheimer Straße” into “Safranberg”. After a few meters, turn right.

Campus Map

Registration, opening speeches, keynote speech, and the general meeting of the DGF take place in “Hörsaal Innere Medizin” (Abbreviated “H IM” on the map below) in building O23. Sessions take place in various rooms (H11, H12, H13, 226, 251, and 252) in building number N24. The closest bus stop “Universität Süd” and the dining hall (“Mensa”) are also shown.