About us

The Faculty of Mathematics and Economics at Ulm University consists of 18 institutes: 9 in Mathematics and 9 in Economics and Management.

36 full-time professors, 8 honorary professors and further lecturers offer a large variety of teaching and research topics. About 400 students graduate successfully from our faculty each year.

Our Research Focus

Our research focus at the interface between mathematics and economics is the area financial services and their mathematical methods, which especially profits from the close interface between mathematic and economics in which the faculty could gain an excellent reputation: in a research ranking of the German Economic Review we are on rank 2 of all universities in the German-speaking area in the area of finance; in the area of insurance, we have received 16 research prizes.

The research focus Mathematical Fundamentals of Natural Sciences and Technology especially consists of the former Federal State Graduate School “Mathematical Analysis of Evolution, Information and Complexity” and creates interdisciplinary connections to computer science, physics and electrical engineering. In the also interdisciplinarily conceived Scientific Computing Centre Ulm, research topics such as efficient numeric or stochastic simulations in the areas flows, strength of materials, structure, optimization and data mining are dealt with.

Subject of the third focus of research, quantitative economics, are the quantitative foundations of economic decisions in profit and non-profit organizations, with a special emphasis on the research activities and in the areas of risk management and sustainability research building on it. In cooperation with medicine and psychology, we study behaviour-oriented research questions of economics and management. A comprehensive overview on some areas of research offers the dossier "Risk management and insurance: analysis- evaluation-decision".

Our teaching

Mathematical study programmes

We are one of the biggest education centres of Germany in the area of mathematics. The flagship is the interdisciplinary Bachelor and Master course Mathematics and Economics. This combination of mathematics and economics in a degree programme was pioneered by our faculty in the late 70s and has been very successful, which is proven by the fact that many other universities introduced similar programmes following our model. The job perspectives and the reputation of the business mathematicians of Ulm have been excellent for many years.

Besides the classical training in the Bachelor/Master course Mathematics and the teacher training course Mathematics we have been offering two new courses of studies since 2010: The Bachelor/Master course Mathematical Biometry mainly places an emphasis on the teaching of advanced knowledge in statistics and life sciences (biology and medicine) besides the basic education in mathematics. In this way it offers interesting career opportunities to the students in pharmaceutical industry and clinical research.

The course of study Computational Science and Engineering (Bachelor), founded in winter term 2011/2012, deals with interdisciplinary and computer-supported mathematical modelling and simulation of problems, especially of natural sciences and engineering and is offered in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Ulm.

Management and Economics

Our very successful concept of the course of study Management and Economics, the so-called six-pillars-principle consists of the economic core disciplines management und economics and the subjects mathematics, computer science and business law. Additionally we offer an education in languages and additive key qualifications.

A central feature of the course of studies is the quantitative alignment and the consequent use of strengths which result from the cooperation with mathematics.

In the renowned ranking by the centre for university development, the course of studies regularly ranks excellently.

Interesting additional qualifications in business mathematics and economics

A specialty of our study programmes is the transfer of credits to job examinations: students of Mathematics and Economics can take all part exams of the German Association of actuaries.

In the Bachelor course Management and Economics students can take exams in the “13b-Bachelor” programme, which can be recognized for the auditor examination.

Our offers of further qualifications

Our correspondence course concept in finance and actuarial sciences is unique in the German-speaking area: in cooperation with the Academy for Science, Economics and Technology at Ulm University , we offer extra occupational Master study programmes: Sensor System Technology, Innovation and Science Management, Actuarial Sciences and Advanced Oncology. In correspondence courses and a preparation course for the mathematical admission examination of the German Actuary Association, we supervise 150 to 200 participants a year.

The Master of Science Actuarial Studies will be available by 2016.

Since summer 2014 we offer the occupational study program Innovation and Economic Management (M.Sc).

We are currently creating an offer, supported by the ministry for research and education, in the area of business alanytics.

Our alumni

We are in close contact with our former students, organised in two alumni clubs: „Studium und Praxis e.V.“(Studies and Practice) and „WiWi Alumniclub e.V.“. We promote contact between students and alumni with interesting events and various activities. In this way we support students in planning their career.

Our network

Our faculty is networked well: our yearly Career-Day „WiMa-Kongress“ combined with lectures by scientists and industry experts offers the opportunity for students and companies to get in contact with each other. Moreover we are closely linked with the Ulm forum for Management, which consists of representatives of associations of auditors, tax advisories, and companies from the region. There are intensive contacts with the IFA, the Institute of Finance and Actuary Sciences, an independent consulting company for actuarial issues.

A manifestation of the good business contacts and contacts in the region are our endowed professorships: the endowed Ludwig-Erhard chair „Economic Politics“, the endowed Werner-Kress's chair „Institute of Strategic Management and Finance“, the endowed chair „Sustainable Development“ and the junior professorship Insurance Mathematics.


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