Examination Board Management and Economics


  • Application for the recognition of study and exam achievements

    Recognitions of study and exam achievements can only be applied during the first semester at Ulm University.

    For recognitions please follow these instructions.

  • Recognitions of studies abroad

    Please contact Mr Nils Sørensen for information and application. 

    The application for the recognition of study and exam achievements acquired abroad has to be filed within the the first semester at Ulm University following the stay abroad.

    For recognitions please follow these instructions.

  • Applications for the extension of the limits

    Please note that applications for the extensions of time limits (in particular concerning § 7 of the examination regulations) have to be duly substantiated (e.g. by a medical certificate).
    Applications for the extension of time limits according to § 7 will in general only be accepted if the results of the examinations that can still be taken prior to the termination of the deadline are available. Possible reasons for the acceptance are e.g. illness or family burdens. 
    What is more, you have to submit an explanation incl. verification for all relevant examination dates you have missed – not just for those of the last or the last two semesters. One example for an inadequate explanation would be “I missed the examination dates to be able prepare myself for other examinations.“ (In case, your decision cannot be justified otherwise by circumstances beyond your control.)

  • Recognition of the required work placement

  • Early registration of a bachelor thesis

    Students may be granted to register for the bachelor’s thesis even if they have not yet fulfilled the requirements according to § 20 (1) a) and b) of the subject-specific examination regulations but are expected to complete the missing modules (maximum three) successfully in time context with the bachelor’s thesis. 
    In this case, they are required to submit their application, incl. current overview of grades, in due time to the Examination Board.

Important Informations

  • Bachelor's / Master's Thesis

    • Please use the following template for cover and declaration:
    • In case of a non-disclosure notice (e.g. due to confidential corporate data), at least those who belong to the group of "professors and private lecturers of the faculty" should be given access to the data.
    • The application deadline for the thesis starts with the date of the last exam (and not with the announcement of the examination results).
  • Signing of BAföG applications

    The necessary signature for a BAföG applications (usually form 5 or "Studienabschlussförderung" for an extension) can be obtained from Vanessa Fink. Please fill out the form as much as possible beforehand.

  • Registration of a seminar thesis

    Please follow these guidelines.

  • Designated Examiners for the Courses

  • English-ASQ

    Following courses can't be recognised as an English-ASQ.


  • Examination dates

    You'll find the examination dates here.

Submission of Documents

Please submit all necessary documents directly to Ms Fink.

Please note: Alle emails sent Professor Guettler directly will not be dealt with and deleted. Furthermore, we ask you to send any requests from your official Ulm University email account.