Examination Board Teacher Education

Extension of Time Limits

Please submit your application for the extension of time limits in form of a letter. This letter must be signed and include the address for the reply.

We only accept extension requests that include all required documents (e. g. current overview of grades, medical certificates). The application has to be filed in due time since the right to be admitted to an examination expires automatically after the time limit.

Recognition of Exam Achievements

Each exam achievement obtained from another university must be recognized individually. The recognition of exam achievements obtained at another university can only be given individually for each examination. In your application you have to state which equivalent achievement has to be recognized. The equivalence has to confirmed by an examiner of Ulm University beforehand. Please use his form for your application - and this form for additional pages.

Please send your application via email.

Examination Board Teacher Education - other fields of study

Please find the website of the overall Examination Board Teacher Education here.


Professor Stefan Wewers
Institute of Pure Mathematics
Helmholtzstr. 18, room no. E.29
phone: +49 (0) 731 50-32452

Management and Economics
Professor Mathias Klier
Institute of Technology and Process Management
Helmholtzstr. 22, room no. E.07
phone: +49 (0) 7 31 50-3 23 12

other fields of study
Please find under the following link further members of the Examination Board Teacher Education.

Compulsory Elective Modules in Teacher Education Mathematics (M.Sc.)

Compulsory elective modules (according to the study and examination regulations: StPO  2018, Anlage E, §4) for the master's programme 'Teacher Education Mathematics' can be selected from the list of graded compulsory elective modules for bachelor and master mathematics according to the latest examination regulations. Recommend are:

summer semester

  • Optimization and OR I (9 credit points)
  • Numerical Analysis (6 credit points)
  • Diophantine Equations (4 credit points)
  • Elements of Functional Analysis (4 credit points)

winter semester

  • Numerical Linear Algebra (6 credit points)
  • Introduction to Measure Theoretic Probability (4 credit points)
  • Graph Theory (9 credit points)
  • Algebra (9 credit points)
  • Measure Theory (4 credit points)
  • Analysis III (4 credit points)
  • Dynamical Systems (4LP)

Modules that have not been listet yet in the module catalogue will be assigned on request. In this case, please send an e-mail to mathemodule(at)uni-ulm.de - if possible until the beginning of the semester.