Workshop Bayesial Clinical Trials

Ulm University

A joint workshop was held on 04 and 05 October in Ulm by 3 organizing parties: The Institute of Statistics of Ulm University and the IBS-DR working groups "Bayes Methodik" (Bayes Methods) and "Pharmazeutische Forschung" (Pharmaceutical Research).

Presenters were Beat Neuenschwander and Simon Wandel, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel.

The workshop had the aim to provide an introduction to the application of Bayesian methods in clinical trials. Main topics were Bayesian meta-analysis, prior derivation, hierarchical models and probability of success.

More than 70 participants, who had a quite broad range of experience with Bayesian methods, took the opportunity to learn and to intensively discuss recent Bayesian methods for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry context.

The participants (Fotos: Reinhard Vonthein (WG Bayes Methods)
Speakers and organizers were – from left to right - Frank Fleischer (for the WG Pharmaceutical Research), Beat Neuenschwander and Simon Wandel (Novartis Pharma AG), and Jan Beyersmann (Institute of Statistics)