Studies Organisation

Curricula, Schedules and Regulations

The specific study curricula and schedules form the basis for a reasonable planning for your studies at Ulm University. They are not compulsory but rather suggestions of the Faculty to obtain the target degree within the standard time and based on the specific Study and Examination Regulations.

You will find detailed information on the requirements for your specific study programme including deadlines, orientation examinations, specialisation and internships in the relevant Study and Examination Regulations. The Framework Provisions of Ulm University apply to general regulations for studies and examinations. Both regulations are confirmed by the Senate and the President of Ulm University. Changes of the specific regulations are revised and discussed by the relevant Faculty Councils.

The most current version of the Study and Examination Regulations at the time of enrolment apply to all students. In case of an update, students are free to change to the new regulations (a change, however, will be binding). In exceptional cases, Ulm University reserves the right to vote on a compulsory change (e.g. diploma/bachelor).


Management and Economics: By the end of the examination period of the sixth semester, all of the 15 compulsory modules of the first four semesters (according to the curriculum) have to be passed. By the end of the examination period of the tenth semester, all necessary modules, incl. bachelor's thesis, have to be passed.

Mathematics, Mathematics & Management and Mathematical Biometry: By the end of the examination period of the fifth semester, the modules Analysis and Linear Algebra have to be passed successfully. By the end of the examination period of the tenth semester, the same applies to all of the remaining modules.

Orientation Examination

Passing the orientation examination is part of the Mathematics, Mathematical Biometry and Mathematics & Management study curriculum. It is no additional achievement but consists of a written partial module examination in Linear Algebra or Analysis that has to be taken by the end of the examination period of the second semester. Students of Management and Economics are exempt from this or a similar regulation.


All bachelor's programmes require an industrial placement of at least eight weeks, preferably done in the lecture-free period between the fourth and the fifth semester. All public and private institutions, both in Germany and abroad, providing a working area that corresponds to the student's study programme, will be suitable. The responsible examination board decides on the recognition of the placement. Afterwards, students are obliged to submit an attendance certificate together with an internship report.

Student Service Portals

The various student service portals provided by Ulm University and the Communication and Information Centre (kiz) are the most important tools for self-administration. The portal Study & Teaching (Studium und Lehre - LSF) takes centre stage by providing  online registration for examinations, listings of all study and exam achievements,  enrolment certificates as well as a complete and detailed overview of all modules.

SLC and Moodle are further useful e-learning platforms for the organisation of exercises and tutorials as well as the provision and management of teaching materials. For SCL a separate registration is required.

When enrolling an email account with the address '' will be created for you. This email address is necessary for almost all activities at Ulm University and  serves as identification together with the kiz account login name. Access to your personal emails is provided by Horde or Sogo, mailing lists are administered by Imap mailing lists service.