Master of Science in Management and Economics

The Master programme Management and Economics builds up on a Bachelor programme with a focus on economics and it aims at the subject-specific and scientific immersion of new areas of knowledge in management and economics. At Ulm University, there is a quantitative and research-oriented focus in the Master programme Management and Economics, without losing sight of application.

The study programme is suitable for both students who have already completed their Bachelor degree at our faculty and Bachelor graduates of other universities who want to specialize in focus areas we offer.

For a optimal start into your master degree programme we offer “brush-up courses” to all interested students at the beginning of each semester.

On October 12th from 2 to 4 pm, a welcome ceremony for Master students is taking place in lecture room N24 H12, providing students with information on the organisation of studies and a short presentation of the focus areas.


Master of Science in Wirtschaftswissenschaften an der Uni Ulm