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New customer demands, purchasing behaviour, concurrence situations, technologies, cost pressure and general environmental changes are forcing companies to change continually. To dominate this change, companies concentrate on their value added processes. To create, develop and control them in harmony with the company’s strategy and by using technologies is the task.

The focus Technology and Process Management (TPM) connects three central fields: strategy and innovation, processes and technology. The field of strategy and innovation concentrates on the securing of the company’s future through innovation, while the field of processes focuses on the excellence of operations to implement strategy and innovation. On one hand, technology puts business processes into action – regarding for example product technologies or IT / communication technologies.

On the other hand, technology is the “enabler”. Only “enabling technologies” provide the identification of new business opportunities or the opening of new markets with brand new products and services. A central issue of the institute therefore is to control the fields of strategy and innovation, processes and technologies by the use of quantitative decision models. Management decisions of these three fields are based on the use of quantitative analysis and evaluation models.

German and English case studies offer an interesting view on business practice, as well as speeches in lectures and visits of companies. This ensures a continuous knowledge transfer between theory and practice. 

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