International Summer Program 2011

Part II: European Economic and Monetary Integration

You will get insights into the process of reconstruction and economic development in the decades after the World War II and the background of the shaping and development of European Institutions (Commission, Council, Parliament and Court). In addition we will discuss the interaction of the European Union with the member states and the enlargement of the Community. A further topic will be the establishment of economic and monetary integration. Special insights into cultural and corporate issues complete this discussion. A written exam and a short essay will conclude this part of the course.

Further Information about the other parts of the course is available at
the International Office.

The exam will take place Monday, July 25, 14:00 - 16:00 in Room 45.2.103.

Duration:This course is taught in English from Monday to Thursday
Location:Room 45.2.103 (University West)
Time: 2 – 4 p.m.


Mon, June 27                

Introduction - Journey around the EU

Daniel Siepe, Philipp Buss

Tue, June 28

Germany - Introduction and Overview

Florian Lippold

Wed, Jun 29European Union - Introduction and  Overview

Florian Lippold

Thu, June 30Economic and Monetary Integration in Europe

Michael Schad

Mon, July 4

Globalisation - a guided tour thorugh theory and consequences for individuals

Christopher Stehr

Tue, July 5Intercultural Communciation (Germany)

Christopher Stehr

Wed, July 6The Culture of German Businesses - Case StudiesDaniel Schallmo

Mon, July 11

ECB & FED - A Comparison

Michael Elbert

Tue, July 12

European Environmental Policy

Florian Kuffer
Wed, July 20

Intercultural Management

Christopher Stehr
Thu, July 21Excursion to Frankfurt

Fri, July 22

Excursion to Frankfurt

Mon, July 25Written Examination