Research Seminar - ULME - Summer Term 2015

The Research Seminar will take place every second Thursday from 4:15 p.m. - 5.15 p.m. at Helmholtzstr. 18, room 120. 

23.04.2015Nadine RiedelUniversität Bochum  cancelled 
07.05.2015Urs FischbacherUniversität KonstanzDo you lend money to a pilot? On trust in ability and reciprocity
21.05.2015Oliver GürtlerUniversität KölnPromotion signaling, discrimination and positive discrimination policies
28.05.2015Johannes KellerUniversität UlmCostly punishment in social dilemmas: A biopsychosocial approach in the analysis of potential impact factors
18.06.2015Hendrik HakenesUniversität BonnSeparating Trading and Banking: Consequences for Financial Stability
02.07.2015Martin Ruckes KITCollateral in Corporate Financing
16.07.2015Johanna HeyUniversität KölnTax advantages – unlawful state aid or just unfair tax competition?