Research Seminar - ULME - Winter Term 2014/15

The Research Seminar will take place every second Thursday from 4:15 p.m. - 5.15 p.m. at Helmholtzstraße 18, room 120.


23.10.2014Matthias Mahlendorf Frankfurt School of Finance    Target Ratcheting, Incentives, and Achievability of Earnings Targets  
20.11.2014Matthias BlonskiUniversity of FrankfurtMoral Hazard with Excess Returns
04.12.2014Anita GantnerUniversity of InnsbruckCan Unanimity Bargaining Resolve the Subjective Claims Problem?
11.12.2014Anja SchöttnerUniversity of KonstanzOptimal Allocation of Decision-Making Authority and the Provision of Incentives under Uncertainty
18.12.2014Oliver WilhelmUlm UniversityIndividuelle Unterschiede im ökonomischen Verhalten
22.01.2015Elena Vigna University of TurinMean Variance Target-based Optimization in DC plan with Stochastic Salary
29.01.2015Georg Kirchsteiger ECARES BrüsselGood Rankings are Bad: Why Rankings can hurt Consumers
12.02.2015Tim AdamHU BerlinBehavioral Biases and Corporate Risk Management