Topics in Life and Pension Insurance


Prof. Dr. An Chen

Dr. Thai Nguyen


    Biweekly lecture (2+2): Tuesday 10:15-11:45 (He18/1.20) and Friday 10:15-11:45 (He18/1.20)


    First Exam: Mar 1 2018, 2-4 pm

    Further information

    More information can be found on moodle page

    Course Content

    The lecture will be held in English and will cover the following topics:

    • Life/pension mathematics
    • Black-Scholes-Merton model
    • Unit-linked life and pension products: participating contracts and variable annuities
    • Default risk modeling (structural approach)
    • Optimal asset allocation and its application in life/pension insurance


      The lecture is oriented at master students from Wirtschaftsmathematik, Mathematik, Wirtschaftswissenschaften and Finance specializing in actuarial science.

      Course documents

      All documents for the lecture can be found in Moodle.


      There will be either a written or an oral exam depending on the number of participants.


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