High Performance Computing II - summer term 2019

We will focus on a realistic model problem (rotor) in order to introduce the main topics of numerical methods for High Performance Computing.

First exercise class on Wednesday, April 24! Please enroll in moodle for this course!

Questions concerning the exercises/lab or the lecture, please contact Constantin Greif.


  • Architecture of Parallel Computers
  • Parallelization, MPI, Cuda
  • The Cluster Pacioli
  • Parallel Finite Elemente Method
  • Parallel Numerical Methods for Linear Systems of Equations
  • Domain Decomposition
  • Parallel Preconditioning
  • Parallel Multigrid Methods
  • Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems
  • Storage Formats for Sparse Matrices


  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Funken;
  • Prof. Dr. Karsten Urban;
  • (M.Sc. Constantin Greif)


Lecture, Exercises, Lab (2/2/2), i.e. 8 credits (Master)


Monday 8:00 - 10:00; Heho18 - 120 

Exercises and Lab

Wednesday 16:00 - 20:00; Heho18 - E60


  • Master CSE
  • Mathematik (Bachelor and Master)
  • Wirtschaftsmathematik (Bachelor and Master)
  • Mathematische Biometrie (Bachelor and Master)
  • Physik (Master)
  • Wirtschaftsphysik (Master)

Exam        The exam will be a project at the end of the semester.


  1. April 29: PDE model problem.
  2. May 06: FEM realization in MATLAB.
  3. May 13: Sparse Matrix data formats and uniform refinement.
  4. May 20: Direct & Iterative Methods.



  • G. Alefeld, I. Lenhardt, H. Obermaier, Parallele numerische Verfahren, Springer 2002



Prof. Dr. Stefan Funken
Helmholtzstr. 20
Room 1.08

Prof. Dr. Karsten Urban
Helmholtzstr. 20
Room 1.12

M. Sc. Constantin Greif
Helmholtzstr. 20
Room 1.28