The following databases are very useful for obtaining financial data.  They can be accessed through licenses of our faculty. For further information, follow the links:




Software installed on Campus computers

Here you find a list of software already installed on campus computers. The list includes typical software like Matlab, R or Mathematica.


Links for literature searches

  • ECONLIT (search within economic (incl. finance) journals)
  • (search for working papers posted on SSRN. Most finance researchers post their papers on SSRN)
  • Scholar.Google (It's great for finding papers that cite a specific paper, or for finding full-texts, but you shouldn't use it as your only way to search the literature. One pitfall is that a new paper that has not been cited yet may not show up at the top of the results even though you search for words that describe the paper well, and better than the papers that are placed ahead of it.)
  • Directory of journals with information on online access. (Search for journals and you get information on whether they are available online and if so, where (e.g. through EBSCO))