Einführung in die BWL (WiMa)


Prof. Dr. Andre Guettler

Patrick Launhardt

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  * Konstitutive Entscheidungen (Rechtsformen, Unternehmensorganisation, Corporate Governance, Standort)

  * Personal 

  * Investitionsrechnung (insb. Kapitalwertregel)

  * Kostenrechnung

  * Beschaffung

  * Produktion

  * Marketing

  * Strategiekonzepte (Wettbewerbsanalyse, BCG-Matrix, u.a.)


Course Material

Available to students via Moodle. Required password to download course material will be provided in the first lecture.
(We will not provide this information via e-mail or phone.)



The date of the final exam (90 minutes, 100 % of the final grade) will be announced in class and posted on Moodle.

Retake: 02nd April 2015

Exam will take place in H 4-5!

Exam is open == No need to attend the regular exam in order to be allowed to attend the retake.


Course Schedule

There will be no tutorials this week (5h - 9th January).
If not announced differently, lectures will be held according to current schedule.

On Mondays and on Tuesdays, 4 pm-6 pm in H22 (O28).

The lecture starts c. t.!


The Course is Open For

Bachelor students not having a major in "Wirtschaftswissenschaften", and students having a major in "Psychologie".

If your major is "Wirtschaftswissenschaften", click here.



Book list

Selected books for the course