Supervised thesis (Daniel Schallmo)

  • Future of the electronic logistic: Development of driving forces for the pharma logistic (Michael Schad)
  • Analysis of the customer satisfaction in the food industry: Analysis of the customer satisfaction, recommended proceedures and integration of the results within the continuous improvement process at the Mineralbrunnen Überkingen-Teinach AG (Christian Seyboldt)
  • Marketing concept for a CRM-System: Development of a marketing concept for the transfer of the CRM competence at Maybach und SLR and identification of pot. luxury and premium brands (Simone Kehr)
  • Theoretical Basis on future and customer oriented Business Models in B2B-Markets (Janina Leimbach)
  • Application of decision techniques in B2B Sales Management (Ilka Engelmann)
  • Development of a Business Model and derivement of sales processes: Business Models for a product group of Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG: (Insa Müller)
  • Study on the situation of Business Models and sales processes in B2B-Markets (Lin Richter, in progress)
  • Development of a standardised process model on the basis of a level concept: Development of a process model for the Sparkasse Ulm with several levels (Sven Brosette)
  • Financial Launch Management: Development of a procedure for the foundation of a SBU for Detecon (Tobias Büttner)

Research focus

The research focus of Daniel Schallmo is Business Models in Business-to-Business Markets and a Reference Process Model for Sales Management.

The target of the dissertation is to develop a procedure for business model innovation and to apply the process to develop future and customer oriented business models for business-to- business markets. These business models should be transferred with a Reference Process Model for Sales Management.


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Conferences and presentations

  • Lecture on the future of the electronic logistic at the Ravensburger Industrie Talk (15.10.2009)
  • Participation at the SAS-Forum Germany in Mannheim (16.-17.09.2009)
  • Participation at the BPM-Conference in Ulm (8.-10.09.2009)
  • Presentation of research results on the „Workshop in-Depth and Case Studies in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management“ in Brussel, Belgium (02.-03.12.2010).
  • Presentation of research results on the 3. ISPIM Innovation Symposium: "Managing the Art of Innovation: Turning Concepts into Reality" in Quebec City, Canada (12.-15. 12.2010).