Methods and solutions for strategy matching modeling, controlling and developing of business processes and the necessary technologies are developed by the Institute of Technology and Process Management (ITOP) in close cooperation with industry.

The center of attention is the application of quantitative models for decision making.

To our principals of research


Strategy for guaranteeing the future Methods and Techniques
  • How to develop future-oriented strategies?
  • Which strategies exist in Supply Chain Management, in Technology und Innovation Management and also in Customer and Market Management?
  • Methods for strategy development
  • Methods for strategy realization
Guarding operative excellenceMethods and Techniques
  • How do processes realize strategic preconditions?
  • Which techniques exist to measure and steer processes?
  • How is it possible to continously refine processes?
  • Method and techniques for the qualitative and quantitative analysis and the optimization of business processes
Leading through management of technologies and innovationMethods and Techniques
  • Which methods exist to analyze technological developments?
  • How to develop a technology strategy?
  • How to rate make-or-buy-decisions systematically?
  • Which innovation areas are relevant?
  • How to design innovation processes?
  • Method for technology and innovation management
  • Modells for T2M, controlling complexity, technology diffusion
  • Risk & opportunity models in the innovation area
Leading through quantitative decision techniquesMethods and Techniques
  • Which quantitative decision techniques do exist?
  • How to succesfully apply these techniques?
  • How to adjust quantitative decision techniques for special problems?
  • Mathematic models of statistics, e.g. regression analysis, decision tree techniques, clustering