Range of course offerings and career options

For master students of the focus "Technology and Process Management" basic courses will further be deepened. In the module „Process Management II“ we focus on the design of leadership, value chain and supporting processes and refine them with the aid of model examinations. In „Techology and Innovation Management II“ we explicitly turn our attention to operative innovation and technology processes and demonstrate how a markable product emerges from a business idea.

Further deepenings are the „Case Study“ (a detailed case study realized in cooperation with companies), the lecture about the "Quantitative Supply Chain Management" as well as the lecture on the subject of "Risk and Opportunity Management". Extended with focus specific courses the program accomplisches the essential depth and breadth in the three mentioned fields Strategy and Innovation, Processes and Technology. Further courses are planned in the context of the recently advertised professorship at the Institute of Technology and Process Management.

Education in this major field of study is strongly oriented in imparting essential functional and methodical competence for the professional practice. Thus graduates get prepared for professions in the sectors of Corporate Development, Product and Market Management, Research and Development and Supply Chain Management. Fields of operation are to be found in all industries as well as in the consulting sector (Strategy Consulting and Operation Managemant Consulting).