Technology and Innovation Management I


Technology is fundamental to every product-based business in reducing costs, differentiating products, providing new opportunities and driving strategic change. Yet many companies fail to understand the value of technology management in providing sustained growth and competitiveness.

This lecture sets out to remedy this and answer the question which continually confront top management: how to decide which technologies to invest in and how to manage and exploit them for maximum commercial value, how much to invest in R & D and how to measure whether it delivers goods; how to shape management roles, corporate structures and culture to fit technology strategy; and how to gain both employee and shareholder commitment.


  1. Meaning of technology
  2. Technology in enterprises
  3. Determination of the current technology position
  4. Development of technology strategies
  5. Planning of long-term purchase of technologies
  6. Sale of technology
  7. Structuring of technological activities
  8. Implementation of technology
  9. Measurement and benchmarking
10. Technology and shareholder value


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Materials, like lecture notes or practice sheets, are provided on the e-learning system Moodle. The password will be announced in the first lecture and is also posted on the black board of our institute.

Previous knowledge

Modules ABWL I, Controlling I (recommended)