1. Introduction
  2. Basics (terms and requirements)
  3. Existing concept on process-orientated management
  4. Meta model of business process management
  5. Process modeling (radical business process reengineering) and application field
  6. Process control (control of business process through benchmarking) and application field
  7. Process development (innovation in processes) and application field
  8. Technology as an enabler for new solutions
  9. Needed Activities to perform business process management
  10. Techniques for modeling, control and development
  11. Examples of use from industry
  12. Outlook on further topics


  • Brecht, L.: Process Leadership: Methode des informationssystemgestützten Prozessmanagements, Kovac Verlag, 2000
  • Gerybadze, A.: Innovations- und Technologiemanagement, Vahlen Verlag, 2003


Materials, like lecture notes or practice sheets, are provided on the e-learning system ILIAS. The password will be announced in the first lecture and is also posted on the black board of our institute.


This lecture will be held regularly in the winter semester.

Previous knowledge

Modules Introduction to Business Administration (ABWL I), Controlling I (recommended), Processmanagement I and TIM I (recommended)



Process Management III