Examination board Mathematics and Mathematics and Management

Duties and information

For extension of time (for thesis etc.) contact the office of the examination board, Mrs. Gerda Fromm, with a suitably justified request in due time.

For approval and classification of examinations from other institutions and universities abroad please prepare the appropriate forms and information (see below) and send them to the coordinator exchange and double degree programmes, Leonie Langer. You should include complete information on the course(s) such as amount of hours and credit points, complete description of contents or module description, certification of the examination including grade or points reached of total points or percentage or a learning agreement as well as a declaration in what field (such as Stochastics or Algebra) the course should be approved.

Regulations and module book

  • The exam regulations for our current and terminating study programmes can be found here - website of administration (switch to the German version of that page for refulations of programmes taught in German).
  • The module books of the Bachelor and Master programmes can be found in the Hochschulportal.
  • The internship regulation (pdf) for mathematics/mathematics and management is also applied to Mathematical Biometry.

Signing of BAföG applications

The necessary signature for a BAföG applications (usually form 5 or "Studienabschlussförderung" for an extension) can be obtained from Dr. Liebezeit during consultation hours. Please fill out the form as much as possible beforehand.

  • Dr. Jan-Willem Liebezeit
  • Study commission Mathematical Study Programmes
  • Helmholtzstr. 18, Room 2.07
  • Telephone: 0731 50-23 566
  • Office hours: Mondays, 9:45 - 11:45 h

  • Especially for questions regarding the examination regulations, signatures for academic leave of absence, change of study programmes and BAföG forms, approval of practical training and examinations at other German universities as well as classification of examinations at the university of Ulm.

Members of the Examination Board


Prof. Dr. Mitja Stadje
Institute of Insurance Sciene
Helmholtzstraße 20, 1.50
Telephone: +49 (0)731/50-31186
For questions and applications different from the ones described above please send them to Gerda Fromm. Please note that letters or emails send directly to the chairman of the examination committee will not be answered.


Further Members

Prof. Dr. Stefan Wewers (deputy chairman)
Prof. Dr. Gunter Löffler
Dr. Jan-Willem Liebezeit
Nicolas Kainz (Student Member)


Gerda Fromm
Institute of Optimization and Operations Research
Helmholtzstr. 18, Room 1.67
Telephone: 0731/50-23631
Fax: 0731/50-23607