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Mathematical study programmes

We are one of the largest educational institutions in Germany in the fields of Mathematics, Mathematics and Management, Computational Science and Engineering, and Mathematical Biometry. One of our success modelsis our interdisciplinary bachelor's/ master's degree programme in Mathematics and Management, which is very popular with both students and employers as it integrates the most important components of mathematics, economics and computer science. The career prospects as well as the reputation of our Mathematics and Management graduates have been excellent for many years. 

In addition to the classical education in the bachelor's/ master's degree programme in Mathematics as well as the teaching degree in Mathematics, we have been offering two new degree programmes since 2010: Our bachelor's/ master's degree programme in Mathematical Biometry complements basic training in mathematics and computer sciencewith in-depth knowledge in statistics and life sciences (biology and medicine), thus opening up interesting career opportunities for our students, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research.

The bachelor's/ master's programme in Computational Science and Engineering, launched in the winter semester 2011/12, focuses on interdisciplinary computer-aided mathematical modelling and simulation of problems, particularly in the natural and engineering sciences, and is offered in cooperation with Ulm University of Applied Sciences.