Stefan Schwibinger studied Industrial Engineering & Management majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Tax Law at the Technical University of Darmstadt from which he graduated with the degree Master of Science. During a term at the School of Science, Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland  he visited supply chain management lectures. Furthermore, he has experience in a tax and corporate finance advisories as well as in the aerospace industry having completed several internships with major companies. Since February 2014, Mr. Schwibinger is a research associate at the Department of Business and Tax Law of Prof. Anzinger at the Institute of Auditing and Accounting at the chair of Prof. Marten.



  • Pleil/Schwibinger, Entscheidungsharmonie und Qualifikationsverkettung als Methoden der Abkommensauslegung - eine Reflexion anlässlich der von der EU/OECD geführten Diskussion zur Einführung eines Korrespondenzprinzips im internationalen Steuerrecht, StuW 2016, Issue 1, 15-31.
  • Schwibinger/Anzinger, The British taxation on remittance basis following the Finance Act 2014 as a "preferred form of taxation" as defined in section 2(2) no. 2 AStG – the U.K. remains a  "low-tax jurisdiction", ISR 2014, Issue 7, 225–231.