OSIRIS database

General information

The Institute of Accounting and Auditing has acquired a campus licence for the OSIRIS database for the period 15.07.2020 - 16.07.2021 in cooperation with the Academic Affairs Committee Management and Economics.

The OSIRIS database of the provider Bureau van Dijk offers information on over 70.000 companies worldwide. In addition to listed companies, the database contains information on important unlisted or formerly listed companies. OSIRIS not only contains annual report data, which can be displayed in suitable formats depending on the type and location of the company, but also supplementary data such as ratings, M&A-transactions, corporate structures and news. Further information about the OSIRIS database can be found here.


Access to OSIRIS is possible for up to five users simultaneously. You can access the OSIRIS database from the network of Ulm University as well as via VPN using the following link.

Please log out after finishing so that a new user can access the database.

Note: The Bureau van Dijk recommends the browsers Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for using OSIRIS.