Young Researchers Award - International Statistics Festival Ulm 2018

Ulm University

Two phd-students from the Institute of Statistics have been awarded with a book prize. Three more junior researchers from the University of Salzburg, the University of Zurich and the Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg were successful, too.

Book Prize Winners

  1.  The Eckart Sonnemann Prize: Martin Happ, University of Salzburg. Talk: "Pseudo-rank statistics and high-dimensional data - A computational problem ?"
  2. The Richard von Mises Prize: Johannes Bracher, University of Zurich. Talk: "Time series modelling of multivariate infectious disease surveillance counts: higher-order lags and periodic stationarity"
  3. The Leopold Karl Schmetterer Prize: Georg Zimmermann, Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg. Talk: "Comparing multivariate outcomes between groups while adjusting for baseline measurements"
  4. The Maria-Pia Geppert Prize: Lubna Amro, Ulm University. Talk: "Parametric bootstrap approach for matched pairs with missingness in a single-arm"
  5. The Joachim Hartung Prize: Paavo Sattler, Ulm University. Talk: "Inference for high-Dimensional split-plot-designs: A unified approach for small to large numbers of factor levels"


Arne Bathke, Lubna Amro, Martin Happ, Paavo Sattler, Johannes Bracher, Georg Zimmermann, Markus Pauly [From left to right]