Completed Theses

Bachelor of Science

  • 2013-2019


    • Modeling of Dose-Exposure Relationships and Model-Based Extrapolation DuringEarly Clinical Development**



    • Sample Size Reassessment in Equivalence Trials with Binary Data**
    • A Causal Analysis of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Intensive Care / Bernd-Streitberg Award


    • Time-dependent Covariates in the Proportional Subdistribution Hazards Modell
    • Zur Varianzschätzung des Mantel-Haenszel-Schätzers des Odds Ratios in stratifizierten Studien


    • Incidence rates and competing risks in the history of hospital epidemiology
    • Nichtparametrische Schätzung einer Übergangswahrscheinlichkeit in einem Nicht-Markov illness-death-Modell mit Hilfe von konkurrierenden Risiken
    • Comparison of Different Estimators regarding the Intra-Individual Correlation in Phase I Trials and their Usage for Trial Design**


    • The predicitive distribution of the residual variability in the linear model for clinical cross-over rials**, Bernd Streitberg Award
    • Interaktion von Membranpermeabilität und zugrunde liegendem Mortalitätsrisiko bei inzidenten Dialyse Patienten der MPO Studie*

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Master of Science

  • 2014-2019

    • Economic sampling designs for rare time-dependent exposures in complex event histories
    • Comparison of Time-To-First-Event and Recurrent Event Methods in Multiple Sclerosis Trials**/***
    • Evaluating potential post-treatment preditive and prognostic markers with time-to-event data**
    • The statistical analysis if the DEcompressive surgery Plus hypoTHermia for Space Occupying Stroke (DEPTH-SOS) trial, with a view towards mortality and safety*
    • Joint Models, Landmarking and the Ulm Osteoarthritis Study*


    • Nested Case-Control Designs and Exposure Density Sampling
    • Joint Modelling of Overall Survival and Progression-free Survival**/***. Bernd Streitberg Award.
    • Joint modelling of left-truncated observational studies: unmeasured 
      baseline covariates as a consequence of delayed study entry / 
      Bernd Streitberg Award
    • Pseudo-Value Regression for the Excess Length-of-Stay and subsequent Quality-of-Life associated with hospital-acquired Infections
    • Bayesian decision criteria in clinical development **
    • Estimation of pregnancy outcome probabilities in the presence of heavy left-truncation. "Young Statisticians Session 2015"
    • Nelson-Aalen and Aalen-Johansen estimators for randomly left-truncated and right-censored non-Markov multistate models with application to hospital epidemiology. Student Award 2015 of the German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology
    • Analysis of time-dynamic oncological data - in the presence of a non-occurring event of interest */***
    • Schätzung altersbedingter Herzkreislaufrisiken basierend auf Routinedaten*
    • Evaluation of the impact of a clinical hold in survival studies under different assumptions regarding the true effect**
    • Handling missing data using longitudinal or time-to-event techniques - Simulation studies and practical implementation in the Ulm Birth Cohort Study (UBCS)*
    • Bayesian Phase II Optimization for Time-To-Event Data Based on Historical Information**
    • Nonparametric estimation of cumulative incidence functions in the 
      presence of dependent left-truncation with application to pregnancy 
      outcome data
    • Planning of clinical survival studies in the presence of competing risks
    • Wild bootstrapping Nelson-Aalen estimates with application in health services research* Bernd Streitberg Award
    • Sample size calculations for overall survival in oncology trials incorporating a biomarker using multistate models**
    • Investigating the performance of EWOC designs compared to 3+3 in early oncology trials based on historical data**
    • Confidence intervals for the difference of proportions adjusted for covariates**
    • Robustification of state space models*/***

    Cooperations with

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