Fascia Research Project

Muscular connective tissues (fasciae) are part of a body wide tensional network, which envelopes and connects every muscle and every tiny myofiber with many other body structures. While this tissue had long been undervalued as the so called Cinderella tissue of musculoskeletal medicine, recent research advances contributed to a renewed international interest in its properties.

New findings indicate a significant role of fascia in muscular force transmission, in proprioception, as well as in many orthopedic conditions which are associated with soft tissue pain.

Our working group focuses on examining the presence of contractile cells in fascia, as well as the ability of fascial tissues to adjust their tonus (stiffness) in response to mechanical or biochemical stimulation.

(Dr. Robert Schleip, Dr. Heike Jäger, Dr. Werner Klingler)

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