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Life and Work

The years in the Wolfsgrub

The Wolfsgrub as an ideal working place

In the rural isolation of the "Einödshof" in the Wolfsgrub near Rottach at Lake Tegernsee, Mohr found ideal working conditions and wrote a whole series of works in rapid succession.

Concentration on the theater, Mohr's breakthrough

In 1920 Mohr's first novel Frau Marie's Gast was published in Munich, the success was small. After that he shifted his literary work to the field of drama. In the following six years ten theater plays by Mohr were published, most of them also being performed during this time. In March 1922 Mohr achieved his breakthrough with the comedy Improvisations in June, which had its premiere at the Munich Residenztheater. The play was performed a further 50 times at the Residenztheater and then conquered the stages all over Germany: it was performed in Dresden, Cologne until the end of 1923. Hamburg, Leipzig Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf. In February 1923 it was also performed at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. At this time Max and Käthe Mohr spent a lot of time in Berlin; they developed a cordial friendship with the actor Heinrich George who had taken over the role of the improviser in Mohr's comedy. However, the great success of the improvisations in June was financially unprofitable for Mohr, as he fell into a period of hyperinflation, so that little remained of the performance fees.



Käthe Mohr with her daughter Eva
Käthe Mohr with her daughter Eva