Ethical and legal aspects of prenatal medicine and research on humans in Western and Eastern Europe

In the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, new medical developments are differently evaluated from a legal and ethical perspective. Reasons for this include the historical developments and social orientations. The aim of the project is investigation of the legal and ethical challenges in the implementation and application of prenatal medicine and research on humans in Germany, Poland and Russia. The project focuses on the comparative analysis of legal provisions, ethical discussion and their implementation in medical practice in these three countries. During the project, questions of patient self-determination, patient information, protection of personal data, and fair access to medical resources will be analyzed.

Supervisor of the project: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Florian Steger
Leader of the project: Dr. Marcin Orzechowski
Project researcher: Dr. Katarzyna Woniak
Duration: 2019–2021
Sponsored by: Graduate and Professional Training Center Ulm (ProTrainU)