Grissmer Lab - Building N26

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General research interests in the Grissmer Lab

The Grissmer Lab is part of the Institute of Applied Physiology and is placed at building N26, upper floor.

We are interested in the properties, modification and modulation of ion channels in cell membranes as well as the induction of ion channels after activation of excitable and non-excitable cells.  We would like to clarify the physiological role of ion channels in cellular responses and in diseases including cell signaling mechanisms and second messengers.  Lately, we have use molecular biological techniques in combination with electrophysiology to study structure function relationships of potassium channels with the goal to rationally design drugs for the modification/modulation of ion channel function.  To aid this endeavor we used different blockers of potassium channels, like tetraethylammonium, verapamil or peptide toxins to identify the binding site of those blockers and with the known three-dimensional structure of the blockers get a negative imprint on the channels surface.  This newly uncovered structure of each different potassium channel will guide rational drug design to be specific for each potassium channel type.  In addition, we are also interested in diseases that are causes by abnormal ion channel function (“channelopathies”).  Furthermore we are also searching for endogeneous proteins that can interact with ion channels thereby possibly modulating their function.


Prof. Dr. Stephan Grissmer
Institute of Applied Physiology
Ulm University
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm