Earning 6 awards on ORS 2019!

Ulm University

Our most successful scientific meeting ever: 6 out of 10 contributions were awarded on the Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) 2019.

  • Best Podium Award of the International Society of Fracture Repair Section for the contribution Chronic Psychosocial Stress Disturbs the Inflammatory Response and Endochondral Ossification After Bone Fracture via β-adrenoceptor Signaling
    Authors: Melanie Haffner-Luntzer*, Sandra Foertsch, Verena Fischer, Katja Prystaz, Miriam Tschaffon, Yvonne Moedinger, Anita Ignatius, Stefan O. Reber
  • Best Podium Award of the Meniscus Section for the contribution Dynamic movements considerably increase strains and forces in the meniscus and its meniscal attachments
    Authors: Florian Schall, Steffen Hacker, Stefan van Drongelen, Andreas Seitz, Anita Ignatius, Lutz Dürselen*
  • New Investigator Research Award (NIRA) for the contribution Neuromapping of the Capsuloligamentous Structures of the Knee: A Pilot Study
    Authors: Andreas M. Seitz*, Miriam Murrmann, Falk von Lübken, Benedikt Friemert, Anita Ignatius, Lutz Dürselen
  • Best Poster Award of the Meniscus Section for the contribution Cartilage and Meniscus Reveal Higher Friction during the Swing Phase than during Stance Phase under Gait Conditions
    Authors: Daniela Warnecke*, Luisa de Roy, Anita Ignatius, Lutz Dürselen
  • For the same contribution Daniela Warnecke received the Travel Award 2019 of the AMTI Force and Motion Foundation.
  • Verena Fischer was awarded the ORS/ON Education Grant of the ON Foundation

 * Presenting author

Congratulations to all contributing authors! 

Das erfolgreiche Team/The successful team: v.l. Andreas Seitz, Verena Fischer, Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, Anita Ignatius, Lutz Dürselen, Daniela Warnecke
AMTI Force&Motion Foundation Preisträger ORS 2019
Preisträger der ORS Meniscus Section 2019
New Investigator Recognition Awardees (NIRA) 2019
Preisträger der ORS Section "International Society of Fracture Repair" 2019