Open position: PhD student in fracture healing (f/m/d, 3 years, 65% EG13 TV-L)

Ulm University


The overall goal of our research activities at the Institute of Orthopaedic Research and Biomechanics ( is to better understand the pathomechanisms of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and to develop novel therapeutic strategies. We rely on a strong interdisciplinary interaction and a broad spectrum of innovative methods to perform high quality research. We focus on bone healing and regeneration, biomaterials and tissue engineering, regulation of bone metabolism and biomechanics of spine and joints. The institute is embedded in the Trauma Research Centre Ulm (ZTF) and member of the Collaborative Research Centre 1149 (CRC1149) "Danger response, disturbance factors and regeneration after acute trauma". The institute provides an excellent scientific environment and ideal working conditions.

Project description

Poorly healing bone fractures are a major clinical problem. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are essential for bone regeneration. Thus, MSC-based therapies are used to improve bone healing. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms are still elusive. MSCs possess the ability to sense their environment at the injury site and to adaptively respond with the release of soluble factors acting anti-inflammatory and pro-regenerative. The project, which is part of the Collaborative Research Center CRC1149, will build up on our previous data and further elucidate the role of MSC in fracture healing, using e.g. mouse models, cell culture and a broad spectrum of techniques in molecular biology, histology, and imaging (µCT, MRI).

Start of the project

July 2020, duration: 3 years


We are seeking excellent candidates (M.Sc. in biology, molecular medicine, biochemistry etc.) with a strong motivation to address biological and medical questions in multidisciplinary approaches. Experience in immunology and molecular biology are advantageous. Detailed applications containing CV, certificates, list of publications and references should be submitted until 22. May 2020. We encourage applications per e-mail with all documents in one single PDF file to:

Prof. Dr. Anita Ignatius
Institut für Unfallchirurgische Forschung und Biomechanik
Zentrum für Traumaforschung, Universitätsklinikum Ulm
Helmholtzstraße 14
89081 Ulm
Tel: 0731-50055301

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