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Mammalian genomes comprise thousands of genes. But which are the right genes to be switched on or off and which gene regulators actually direct the appropriate timing and spatial resolution of gene expression? We study how such selective genome usage by transcription Factors ensures development of such sophisticated and delicate organs as the brain. Particular emphasis is given to those processes during initial brain wiring relying on neuronal motility including nerve Fiber growth and pathfinding. How are dynamic cytoskeletal alterations underlying motility processes sensed by nuclear gene regulators? We study the transcription factor SRF (serum response factor) to understand cytoskeletal-nuclear communication in neurons. The neuronal wiring machinery operating during brain development might get reactivated upon neuronal injury. We try to apply insights obtained during physiological neuronal circuit assembly to understand mechanisms and provide repair strategies for brain rehabilitation in e.g. axonal regeneration. Did we spark your interest? Highly motivated students at any level are welcome to join us on this endeavour. Feel free to contact Bernd Knoll for available positions. 

New video presenting work of the laboratory associated with collaborative research center 1149 on trauma research


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