Dr. Katharina Fürholzer

Qualified as a certified translator (Spanish); afterwards studies of Scandinavian Studies, Literary Theory and Comparative Literature and American Literary History at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and the King’s College London (M.A. 2013), with a scholarship of the Max Weber Program of Bavaria. From 2013 to 2017 PhD student at the Graduate School 'Practices of Literature' at the Universities of Münster and Ghent (Joint-PhD 2017), with a scholarship of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. Student resp. research assistant at the Universities of Munich (Institute of Nordic Philology and Institute of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine), Halle-Wittenberg (Institute of History and Ethics of Medicine) and Münster (German Institute of German Studies). Since 2017, research fellow at the Institute of History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine, University of Ulm.

Main research fields:

  1. Medical Humanities: literature and medicine (i.a. co-organisation Medical Humanities Conferences „Poetry and Medicine“ and "Why care to write?" (both with full professor Florian Steger); editorial assistan annual review Jahrbuch Literatur und Medizin)
  2. Medical Ethics: ethics information (i.a. project researcher teaching project „Good Scientific Practice“)
  3. Medical History: psychiatric history (project researcher edition project „Correspondences of Kurt Schneider (1887-1967)“; research assistant book project Florian Steger: Prägende Persönlichkeiten in Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie (2014)).