Prof Dr-Ing Michael Weber Ulm University President

Celebrate with us!

Ulm University is planning a year-long jubilee for 2017 in celebration of its founding 50 years ago. This occasion is a great opportunity for the University to celebrate with all its members, friends, partners and supporters. It is with great pleasure that I present to you today the complete programme for the jubilee year of 2017, and I cordially invite you to share in the festivities.

The jubilee programme will have a significant role in university life throughout and beyond the year 2017. We also intend to include the public in our celebrations. We plan to be active in the city of Ulm itself, presenting the University with its responsibilities and themes, and making them more tangible. Events planned for the public include numerous top-class lectures, symposia and other activities. Join us in reminiscing about the milestones in Ulm University’s development and taking a closer look at current research topics. An interactive exhibit is also in planning which will provide visitors with the opportunity to look back on the events of the past years.

Ulm University is proud of its development and achievements over the past 50 years. We must remember, however, to keep focused on the future, addressing future challenges in national and international competition.

We are very grateful for the generous support the University has received over the past years. We see ourselves as a competent partner, providing impetus for the city, state and region. The University also enjoys worldwide esteem as a top research university.

An opening ceremony will officially kick off the celebration at Ulm University on the foundation day, 24 February 2017. A jubilee ball will follow. I hope that our overall programme meets with a positive response and would be thrilled to welcome you as a guest and participant.

Prof Dr-Ing Michael Weber
Ulm University President