News from the Campus Portal Project

Ulm University

We inform you about the state of the introduction of our new HISinOne campus portal and on our work in the coming months.

The most important news first: the migration of student administration to the new campus portal began on 23 April as planned. All student data will be gradually transferred from the old to the new system. The teams in the Student Administration Office and kiz are working hard to ensure that the changeover can be completed without any major surprises. We are confident that all transfers and configurations will work smoothly so that we can go live with the new student administration system without delay.

Portal closure: Due to the changeover of the student administration, the old and the new campus portal will be unavailable or available to a limited extent in the coming days. This will particularly affect the application phase for Master's degree programmes. Applicants are currently unable to process and submit their applications. We are aware of this restriction. We have therefore informed the affected groups of people several times in advance and placed appropriate notices on the university's portal pages and websites. We are confident that we will be able to end the portal closure quickly, not least thanks to the professional support and preparation of our consultants.

Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve all of our goals regarding applications and admissions. Unexpected difficulties with the transfer of data from uni-assist to our campus portal have forced us to adjust our timetables again. We are still confident that all applications for and enrolments in Bachelor's/ Master's and state examination degree programmes will take place in the new campus portal from 2025.

At the same time, work is progressing on setting up a portal for doctoral candidates and prospective doctoral students. In the second half of the year, prospective doctoral students will be able to apply online for acceptance as a doctoral candidate in the new campus portal and their enrolment will be processed using the system. The offices for doctoral affairs and doctoral thesis supervisors will then also be able to view and process applications via the portal.

The student statistics and doctoral student statistics for the current reporting year are to be compiled for the first time in the new campus portal with HISinOne Business Intelligence. The first preparatory work for this will begin in the current quarter.

The "Project Development & Digital Transformation" team at kiz has been very busy since the beginning of the year. Preparations for the migration of student data to the new system have been underway since last autumn. In addition, the new HISinOne release was installed on a regular basis in the first quarter. This resulted in additional work because not everything worked as usual after the changeover.

Preparations are underway in Research Management to go live with the first stage of productive operation. The first user groups are expected to be able to create the third-party funding notification in the campus portal in late autumn. This should simplify the process and make it more transparent. The technical planning of the processes with HIS eG has been finalised, but further coordination is still ongoing as part of the current configuration of the system. Following this, the test phase with user groups will begin, which will also take some time and work to ensure a well-functioning system.