Discrimination, sexual harassment and violence

 „Ulm University is committed to ensure a management culture that is based on the principles of gender equality an equal opportunities. The executives of Ulm University make certain that working and research conditions are characterised by appreciation, mutual respect and esteem.“ (Mission Statement Gender Equality of Ulm University)

Ulm University strives to cultivate an organisational culture characterised by appreciation, mutual respect and esteem. Ulm University offers optimal development opportunities for all its members and promotes equal opportunities and participation in all areas. This greatly contributes to the University's attractiveness as a location for studying, teaching, research and work, both for today's and future generations.

Discrimination, sexual harassment and violence of any kind are not tolerated!

What is discrimination, sexual harassment and violence?

  • (sexually) derogative language
  • degrading remarks or jokes about persons, their body, behaviour or intimate private life
  • gestures and non-verbal comments with sexual reference
  • showing and visible display of pornographic imagery
  • especially verbal, visual or electronic presentations of pornographic or sexist imagery
  • unwanted sexual acts and requests for such
  • especially sexually-oriented physical contact
  • requests for sexual behaviour
  • stalking and coercion

What can I do?
If you are or have been affected by any of the above-mentioned behaviours, you can confidentially contact the University's internal contact persons (listed on the right). The contact persons' responsibility is to inform members and affiliates of Ulm University about internal and external advisory and information services with regard to discrimination, sexual harassment and violence. The contact persons also provide information on formal steps and, if desired, initiate the process of bringing the issue to the university board. All conversations are of course confidential. The contact persons are neither entitled nor obliged to pass on information to third parties.

Please do not hesitate to contact the contact persons listed on the right with any concerns in relation to discrimination, sexual harassment or violence. We are here to help.