Equal Opportunities Department

The Equal Opportunities Department seeks to continuously improve the general structural conditions for equality in the academic world and develops policies that support this process.

The common objective of the Equal Opportunities Officer, the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Equal Opportunities Department is to enforce equal opportunities for women and men in accordance with the constitutional law, especially the eradication of existing disadvantages for female academics and students.

To achieve this, the Equal Opportunities Department works closely with administration and faculties.


  • conceptualising and evaluating equal opportunities policies,
  • reviewing the realisation of equal opportunities objectives,
  • coordinating the equal opportunities work and cooperating with administration and faculties,
  • drafting and following up applications for research projects,
  • applying for third-party-funded projects and funding programmes around equality and gender affairs,
  • advising female and male academics on applications for third-party funds regarding research-orientated equality standards and gender criteria (Gender Consulting),
  • advising on federal state funded programmes on the advancement of women,
  • advising on the programme MuT (Mentoring and Training) and coordinating MuT seminars at Ulm University,
  • coordinating the Mileva Einstein Marić Prize and the Equal Opportunities Prize of Ulm University,
  • collaborating with equal opportunities officers at higher education institutions on a federal and federal state level

Target groups:

Academic staff at Ulm University and Ulm University Hospital, particularly female academics.