„The Ocean of Opportunities - how digital networking can boost your career and your personality“

 Workshop held by Dorothee Töreki
 Digital transformation expert and founder of Denkräume im Digitalen
Tuesday, 22 November 2022, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. (in English)
Location: Helmholtzstr. 22, Room 1.41

About Dorothée Töreki
With a degree in civil engineering, specializing in urban water management, she has worked in information technology for many years, most of that time in various roles at IBM Germany GmbH and as director of digitalization for an international automotive supplier. She has been involved in social networks ever since they existed and uses them primarily for professional purposes. She says she owes all of her important career moves to digital networks in one form or another. 
Today, Dorothée Töreki advises companies on how digital technologies reinforce each other and thus further increase the speed of change and the organizational and cultural implications for organizations.

About the Workshop
The world is hyper-connected and changes at an ever faster pace. New professions are emerging in large numbers, and the opportunities in particular for women in STEM subjects have never been greater. Professional networks such as LinkedIn, but also internal company networks, offer often underestimated opportunities that are still far too little used. 
The workshop is a mixture of concrete examples of women who have accelerated their career path or given it a new direction through digital networks and interactive exercises from improvisational theatre that make the magic of networking tangible. This is intended to provide impetus for real change. We will take a concrete look at how a profile should be designed and how to create an entry into the world of networking that is individually adapted to different characters and ideas. 
After the workshop, Dorothee will be available as a "digital buddy" for participants to contact. Upon request, there will be a follow-up video call where participants can discuss their progress, exchange ideas and ask questions. 

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