Brigitte Schlieben-Lange-Programme for Young Women Researchers and Academics with Children

The primary objective of the Brigitte Schlieben-Lange-Programme of the State of Baden-Württemberg is to support young excellent female scientists with children and to enhance the reliability of planning during their doctorate studies, habilitation or arts degree. The program usually starts every second year (next 2018).

As a rule, the support lasts for a period of two years and aims to improve employment situation of women with children in the Postdoc Phase. Within the context of the first funding line, the employment will be funded in the amount of 75 per cent of a regular full time equivalent (FTE) in the salary class 13 or 14 TV-L.

For example, the following qualification goals can be supported in the Postdoc Phase:

  • Habilitation or experience equivalent to the achievements of a habilitation
  • Receipt of the necessary teaching and research experiences

Supporting can be provided up to one year:

  • Preparation of the third-party applications for follow-up financing of a funding by the Brigitte Schlieben-Lange-Programme
  • Preparation of a habilitation thesis

Important for applicants of Ulm University:

  • Proposals must be submitted to the Equal Opportunities Department  (Albert-Einstein-Allee 11, M 24 / Room 238) until Monday, May 30th 2016 at the latest.
  • Proposals will only be accepted in complete written form (in 6 copies), sorted by the order specified and stored in electronic form (see guidelines; USB stick is recommended)