Studying with a handicap

The beginning of your academic studies introduces you to a world of new experiences, people, and environments. This new life requires more energy and attention, even more so when dealing with a health impairment.

Ulm University wants to support and provide an equal footing to all students with:

  • mobility, visual or hearing impairments;
  • chronic physical or mental illnesses;
  • learning disabilities (SLD).

Our student advisory service is open to students and those who consider studying at Ulm University.

Working with a disability at Ulm University

It always depends on the type of impairment and the context of the occupation. There are a number of ways to create working conditions and processes that can empower someone with a disability to perform on the same level as someone without disability.

The representative for severely disabled employees assists with applications to pensions authorities for recognition of a disability and advises staff members in all cases of health impairment and disability.

Studying and living with a disability

The Studierendenwerk (student services) Ulm supports students with disabilities or with chronic illnesses. They also provide accessible accommodation.

Inclusion of children with disabilities

The crèche and kindergarten of Ulm University and Ulm University Hospital are happy to welcome children with disabilities.


Christiane Westhauser

Christiane Westhauser

Representative for students with severe disability or chronic illness at Ulm University

Appointments by arrangement
Albert-Einstein-Allee 5
89081 Ulm