• Anschubfinanzierung A + B - startup funding for early stage researchers

    For the Anschubfinanzierung A, there will be a call for applications once a year. You can find further information, your eligibility and details of the programme in German and English under Links & Downloads.

    For the Anschubfinanzierung B (small projects up to 10.000 EUR), there will be a call for applications thrice a year. You can find further information, your eligibility and details of the programme in German and English under Links & Downloads.

    All necessary documents (e.g. application form) can be found under Links & Downloads.

  • Mobility Programme - a programme to cover travel costs when participating in conferences

    The Mobility Programme is a continous programme without a fixed deadline. You can hand in applications at any time but at least four weeks prior to your travel. You can find further information and the conditions of the programme here (in German only, English version in preparation).


    1. Fill out the application form and hand it in - add confirmation of your participation.

    2. If your application is approved, you will get a confirmation e-mail with more details and further form like "Dienstreiseantrag" and the travel reimbursement form.

    3. Hand in the "Dienstreiseantrag" to our office - the one from the university. We need it - without, there will be no payment afterwards. We will get it approved and add our "Kostenstelle". You can apply with it for advanced payment - but only if you have costs above 600€ and the application must be in due time.

    4. After you are back - hand in the travel reimbursement form at our office - twice! Look at the information in your confirmation e-mail! We sign it - not your boss - since we pay! You always need to do the travel reimbursement process - even if your costs are already covered by the advanced payment.

    5. Be nice and do the travel reimbursement asap! Don't drag it into the next year! The money is blocked for you, won't be used otherwise and if you do it too late, your money will be reduced from the funds of the next year.

    You can apply now for funding in 2021!

  • LGFG Scholarships 2020

    Application for the LGFG Scholarships 2020 is now open till July 10, 2020.

    Please find all information and documents here: LGFG 2020

Grant Application

In general: applying for funding is an essential task for every scientist in order to finance your research. Ulm University has established a structure to support members of the University in applying for external funding within the Center for Research Strategy and Support (Res.UL). If you have questions in regard to an individual proposal you can contact Res.Ul.

Support for Female Scientists

Ulm University actively supports young female researchers to proceed in their scientific career. Personal counseling, special fellowships and support during pregnancy are offered. You will find detailed information in the Gleichstellungsportal.

Now open: Bridging Programme:

We strive to encourage as many young female scientists as possible to pursue an academic career. Therefore, we support their entry to the next level of qualification by means of a bridging programme. Bridging the gap between (Master) degree and a doctoral project or the gap between doctoral thesis and a medium- or long-term-funded postdoc phase can be funded in the form of a limited employment relationship according to TV-L salary group 13 (50 percent of a full-time equivalent at entry into the doctorate and 65 percent of a full-time equivalent for entry into the postdoc phase).
For application requirements and further details of the call please see our website: (at moment German only, please contact us for further support; gleichstellungsbeauftragte(at) 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Equal Opportunities Office at any time (due to the current crisis situation, we can be reached by email; gleichstellungsbeauftragte(at)