Start-up funding B


The next call for proposals for Start-up funding B starts on 15 July 2021. The deadline for submissions is 01 September 2021.
Funding starts 01 November 2021.

The Ulm University allocates funds from the University Allowance aquired through the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments to support junior researchers.
Start-up funding is granted for materials and equipment, assistant stuff and/or test person remuneration for independent research projects in order to help junior researchers develop and sharpen their research profile, prepare external third-party funding applications and gain academic independence.

The maximum funding amount is EUR 10.000 per application. The funding period is 12 months.

The funding is available to doctoral students from the third year of their doctorate and to junior researchers after completing their doctorate (postdocs up until they submit their habilitation, junior professors can apply within the first year of their post) who are employed at the Ulm University (not the Medical Faculty or Medical Center).

How to apply:

  1. Please read the funding directive.
  2. Fill in and sign the application form.
  3. Create and enclose the require documents (see application form).
  4. Submit your application to ProTrainU electronically as a pdf document (protrainu(at) and printed out by internal mail.


Proposal submitted by                            Deadline for submission                            Funding starts

15 March                                                 01 May                                                        01 July

15 July                                                     01 September                                            01 November

15 November                                          12 January                                                  01 March

This overview is meant to serve a rough orientation. Minor changes at short notice are possible.